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At Powell’s Way of Kenpo, you will experience life-changing teachings that give you not only the skills needed to handle most self-defense situations, but also the self-confidence, self-control, and strength to succeed in today’s world.

To make sure that Powell’s Way of Kenpo is right for you, we invite you to experience our school free for one week (three classes). Don’t miss this great opportunity to challenge yourself and find your true potential.

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This place rocks, the instructors are incredible and very patient with the kids. I have not seen a better business yet.

Matthew T.

I go to this school as an adult but my daughter also attended for a time. Let me tell you, this school is awesome. As a woman I feel very comfortable at this school.  The instructors are so supportive and don’t treat women as fragile flowers who are just there for show.  I am treated as an equal and as a “warrior.” 

Miranda Y.